At the foot of the Benevello valley, in the heart of Langhe and a short distance from the famous city of Alba, you'll find a hospitable spot the " Le Vigne". A renovated farmhouse made of magnificent rocks lies at the internal hill of "Ticino", where you can appreciate the breathtaking views of the landscape covered with vineyards and hazelnut groves famous for their stories, culture and gastronomy. In our property which expands more than 30 hectares, you can enjoy a long hike through nature along a locally well-signed trail path, visit the botanical park or have a picnic in the midst of nature using the available park commodities like barbecue set, wood-stove, tables and benches available in all assigned picnic areas.


For those who love sports, they can take advantage of our structure's strategic position which offers an ideal cycling excursion where one could conveniently reach the "must-see sights" of our land added with the convenience that effective cycle maintenance utilities or services are at your disposal.


Fine-food lovers could avail themselves with our own private productions of fruits and vegetables satisfying ones palate with our freshly-harvested seasonal products. On varied seasons, you'll be presented with peaches, cherries, apples, pears, figs and grapes or vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, salads and eggplants. All these products are naturally cultivated without the help of any product-chemicals whatsoever. However for those who want to try local dish, we are more than happy to refer the best restaurants in town for a night dedicated to fine-dining.


If you are in search for a bit of culture, our Langhe could offer its own story....consisting of castles, medieval churches, most of which are near "Le Vigne" or visiting the nearest town where a famous romantic writer named Beppe Fenoglio had lived and whose acquired inspiration made some of his most romantic books famous. Nonetheless, at the near Alba, you'll find museums, all different kinds of exhibitions and events all throughout the year. If in case these don't satisfy your thirst for culture, you may freely visit our private exposition dedicated to the agricultural-machines history, immersing oneself to the territory's history which has brought its land its own culture, whose become famous in the entire world with its finest, most prestigious wine and the exportation of its ever growing commerce of truffles which continues to be appreciated worldwide.